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NO APPLICATION REQUIRED - Just show up & sell! (Unless you are a food vendor)


Simply arrive with your goods after 6AM and check in at the silver trailer. To ensure an organized layout- vendors are not allowed to pick their own spot. However, if having a specific location is important to you, we do offer the possibility to choose your own spot for a $30 fee. Additionally, please check out our new prohibited items list to ensure you're in compliance with our new rules. 

Food Vendor Application: 

Complete the application below, which requires details about your menu. Note that approval for vending at our market is required, and you'll receive confirmation within 2-3 days if accepted. We're only able to respond to those vendors who are approved. For details on what is required to join us as a food vendor, please refer to our FAQ page.

Due to high demand, we have reached our limit for vendors offering the following cuisines and cannot accept more at this time:

  1. Hispanic Cuisine + Snacks

  2. Burgers, fries, hotdogs

  3. . Ice cream

  4. Indian Cuisine

  5. Filipino Cuisine

  6. Desserts, pastries, etc

Vendor Spot Reservations:
Please note that unless you are a food vendor, no application is needed. Simply arrive anytime after 6AM and check in at the silver trailer to participate. Spots are assigned on arrival to ensure a seamless layout. 

However, reservations are an option- for an additional $30 fee per spot, per day. Full payment in advance is required to reserve a space. Click the link below to reserve.

Space Information & Pricing:

Standard​ Space Details:

  • Dimensions: 10'x10'

  • No vehicles permitted within the Standard area.

  • Use a vehicle for drop-off only; all vehicles must be cleared from the Standard area by 9AM and parked in the vendor parking lot.

  • Cost: $30 per day


Premium Space Details:

  • Dimensions: 20'x20'

  • One vehicle permitted.

  • Cost: $60 per day


Food Vendor Space Details:

  • Dimensions: 20'x20'

  • One vehicle permitted

  • Standard Cost: $100 per day

  • Drinks only: $75 per day

Strictly Prohibited Items:

The following items and vendors are strictly prohibited at Hidden Gems Weekend Market to maintain it's unique and distinctive atmosphere:​

  • Firearms

  • Cannabis

  • Alcohol

  • Pornography

  • Live animals

  • Stolen goods

  • Everyday store items (toiletries, cleaning supplies, makeup, etc...)

  • Wholesale vendors

  • MLM vendors (please conduct your own research on MLM via google if you are unfamiliar with the term)

  • Tupperware vendors

  • Fair-like merchandise such as toys, chains, bracelets, and items typically associated with fair games.

  • Content that explicitly endorses political campaigns or specific presidential candidates

  • Items associated with hate groups, such as Nazi memorabilia, will result in immediate removal from the market.

Please note: Our market celebrates unique goods and one of a kind products. We kindly request vendors to refrain from offering items listed above. Non-compliance will result in removal from the event.

We understand you may have additional questions- we would too! Prior to reaching out, please click the button below to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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