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When are you open and when is the last weekend?

We will be open every Saturday and Sunday- starting on July 15th & 16th. 9AM - 6PM.

Our last weekend entirely depends on the weather! We will be open as long as the sun is shining. In 2022, we managed to stay open until mid-October!

How much is it to become a vendor?

Standard space:

  • (10'x10')

  • No vehicles permitted

  • You're allowed to use a vehicle to drop off your things but all vehicles must be out of the Standard area by 9am and parked in the customer parking lot.

  • $30 per day

Premium space:

  • (20'x20')

  • One vehicle permitted

  • $60 per day

Food Vendor space:

  • (20'x20')

  • One vehicle permitted

  • $100 per day

  • If you are selling drinks only, then it will be $75 per day

Do I need to Native American to rent a space?

No, you don't need to be Native American.

Are there Tribal discounts?

Yes there are Tribal discounts for all Tribes, just bring us your Tribal ID and we will get you that discount! 

Are there tables and canopies to rent?

We do have limited tables for rent, they are first come first serve. We don't have canopies for rent as they are easily damaged, we're sorry!

Can I sell anything I want?

Yes, for the most part. We welcome all types of vendors! The more variety, the better!

Keep in mind, there are prohibited items. Please see below. :)

What items are prohibited?

Live animals, THC products, Alcoholic products, Pornography, and Firearms are prohibited.

What's your refund policy?

Once you pay for your spot, there will be no refunds.

Are there restrooms available at the Boom City venue?

Yes, there will be portable restrooms available for public use.

How much is it for customers?

It will be $1 per customer :)

Where is the market located?

At Boom City in Tulalip, Washington, it's about a 45 minute drive North of Seattle.  Please look at the very bottom of this page for the directions, or look up "Hidden Gems Weekend Market" on your phones map.

Do all your vendors accept the same methods of payment?

All vendors are different, bring all methods of payment to get the most out of your experience and to be on the safe side!

Do you have a map of your spaces?

Yes, we do! If you would like to see a close up of the map- head over to the "Vendors" page!

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